Established in 2015, US HempCare is a family-owned and operated wellness company based in Niantic, CT.  From seed to bottle, we specialize in premium hemp “CBD” products featuring cannabinoids and terpenes from organically-grown hemp.  You may hear us say that we focus on making the highest quality products possible.  But what does the highest quality possible mean?

First, we start with premium organically grown hemp.  We practice “low-till” regenerative farming and grow our hemp organically in CT – along the banks of the Connecticut River.  We grow healthy hemp plants from seed with select proven genetics – then focus on carefully harvesting, drying, and curing in local barns. Some of our hemp is extracted for cannabinoids with food-grade ethanol to create distillates, other plants are used to infuse coconut oil and some are steam-distilled to extract terpenes.

Then, to formulate our products, we find the best organic ingredients available – with a focus on sustainable, fair-trade, and ethical sourcing – then we diligently compare COAs and organic certifications to select the finest ingredients – price be damned.  We do not use any artificial coloring or flavoring – but instead, use our own steam-distilled terpenes for flavor and effect.

Our products are made from CT Grown hemp and Made in CT at our lab in Niantic.  We’ve implemented stringent protocols to guarantee both quality and consistency– following cGMP guidelines for dietary supplements – and we’ve incorporated additional safety measures during Covid19 to protect both our customers and employees.

Testing- We start by testing our soil before we grow our hemp – and then test from seed to bottle – not just for potency but also for contaminants, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, or anything else which could be harmful.  You’ll always know what’s in our products by scanning the QR code on the bottom of your bottle.

Terpenes- Yes, our products are “full spectrum” and contain not just CBD, but also minor cannabinoids – but they are also loaded with terpenes extracted from our plants.  

We work to provide superior customer service and are always available to answer questions.  While we cannot (and do not) provide dosage recommendations or make any medical claims about our products – we listen to our customers and learn from them to determine which products help them most (and why). 

The bigger picture – call us crazy, but we still believe the claims in Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and think hemp can solve many modern problems, from environmental remediation to Co2 capture, to improving clothing, paper, plastics, fuel, graphene, building materials – and many more uses which are still being discovered.  With that in mind, we always consider the environment and are hoping to use hemp packaging soon exclusively – but until then will use minimal packaging to eliminate waste and we’ll continue to recycle the packaging materials we receive.

We continue learning and improving our products everyday, avoiding shortcuts and giving back to our community and our local hemp industry.  How can we help?