What's Your Story?

A True Cure All

"I have too many ailments to list - but I do not take opioid medicine now - switched to CBD to manage pain, arthritis, swelling, muscle aches, bad back, bad neck, i order online and it costs about half of what they charge in the local dispensary"
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Mark - Ithaca, NY

Life Changing

"With Dr's permission - I was able to seriously cut back on a prescription which made me feel like a drooling zombie. I started taking US HempCare's CBD oil in capsules and seriously cut back on my prescription, almost to nothing. Also, my wife had some shoulder pain which went away when she rubbed in the oil. I am a believer!"
Will - Bradenton, FL

Fixed me and my furbaby

"I take one 25mg cap every day and no longer suffer from knee and hip pain - also my 14 yr old dog started taking the 10mg caps and is running again and no longer has trouble jumping into the car"
Shelley - Newtown, CT